Bride Rose Sweeney

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Bride Rose Sweeney and Allison Russo
“Representative Sweeney works hard, always puts her constituents first, and never backs down from a tough fight when our rights, democracy, and future are on the line. She’s earned the respect of leaders from both sides of the aisle, and it shows in what she consistently delivers for her district and region.”
Allison Russo
Ohio House Minority Leader

Meet Bride Rose Sweeney

Bride Rose Sweeney has been on the front lines in Columbus, fighting for you. She has passed 9 bills in the past 4 years. Named’s “Rising Star” three times, Sweeney is the most effective State Representative in a generation.

Upon election to the Ohio General Assembly, Bride was the first woman ever elected in the district, and served as the youngest member of the GA. She has been a much-needed fresh voice in our State government. Empower her to return to Columbus to continue the fight!

In the next session, Bride will work for you on these critical matters:

- Affordable living for families, seniors and our veterans
- Supporting Small Business and creating jobs
- Safe neighborhoods and supporting our first responders
- Fair school funding that protects homeowners and taxpayers
- Protecting women's right to choose

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Fighting For You

Bride will fight for your values and deliver results!


Bride Rose Sweeney will protect our freedoms and stand up against dangerous government mandates, especially when it comes to access to women's healthcare. As noted in the endorsement from and the Plain Dealer of Sweeney: “With a major battle brewing over women’s reproductive rights in Ohio, Sweeney’s ability to craft compromises could make a difference.“ Bride believes that extreme politicians have no businesses interfering with private healthcare decisions between a woman and her doctor.

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Bride Rose Sweeney
“Taxpayers deserve strong, accountable leadership in Columbus that will fight for better jobs, increased access to healthcare, and strong communities.”
Bride Rose Sweeney
Ohio House of Representatives

The Tested Choice for State Representative

State Representative Bride Rose Sweeney understands that Ohio needs more leaders focused on solving the real problems we face, not finding more ways to divide us. Vote on, or before, November 8th to ensure she continues the fight in Columbus.
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